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Define the set of key skills that are referenced by the labels “ANM ADMISSION, B.SC (NURSING COURSE), B.SC NURSING ADMISSION, GNM ADMISSION, GNM (NURSING ADMISSION)” college and career readiness,” “student centered learning,” “next generation learning,” “new basic skills,” and “higher order thinking.” These labels are typically used to include both cognitive and noncognitive skills—such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, effective communication, motivation,
persistence, and learning to learn that can be demonstrated within core academic content areas and that are important
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to success in education, work, and other areas of adult responsibility. The labels are also sometimes used to include other important capacities—such as creativity, innovation, and ethics—that are important to later success and may also be developed in formal or informal learning environments.
Private foundations, policy makers, and education organizations use a variety of names for the lists of broad skills seen as valuable. To help the public understand the research related to the teaching and learning of such skills, (kbs education)